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Fyshwick Flowers

Are you in need of the freshest flowers in Fyshwick? Sarah’s Flowers can deliver them today.

We know Canberra gets a lot of stick about its supposed lack of character, but we reckon any doubters would be happy to eat their words if they knew the charms of Fyshwick like we do. A mere 6km southeast of the CBD, it’s a fantastic suburb full of friendly locals who are totally clued up when it comes to getting their hands on fresh and fabulous flowers. They know that when they want a floral gift that will knock the socks of anything you can buy at a shopping centre, Sarah’s Flowers can deliver it quickly and for a great price. Our fresh flowers run rings around the competition. They’re not simply colourful, they’re saturated with a rainbow of hues ranging from the purest white to brilliant yellow, deep crimson, and vivid indigo. They aren’t merely scented, but drenched with the most incredible fragrance that wafts its way around the room to add an extra dimension of gorgeousness that is just unbeatable. Our bouquets are crafted utilising the most fantastically fresh flowers we source from leading growers and suppliers. No detail is too small for us to check to make sure your flowers are a gift that will be remembered.

We have designed an impressive collection of styles to include a range of fab choices for every occasion, budget and taste. If you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary you definitely want our roses. Rich velvety petals in passionate vermilion whisper adoration as clearly as if the words were falling from your own loving lips. Our ruby gems are delivered in a classic white box and come in quantities of one, six, or a dozen so you can create exactly the mood you desire. Our fabulous flowers encompass everything from versatile chrysanthemums with their delicate ruffled petals, to cheerful gerberas in zesty yellow and tangerine orange, elegant lilies that are fantastic in a mixed bouquet or make an impressive statement on their own, long lasting Australian native wildflowers that stand splendidly proud, and exotic Singapore orchids with their waxy mauve blossoms. Whether you’re choosing flowers for a birthday, celebration like a new job or retirement, to show your excitement and welcome a new baby, or say “thanks” or “sorry”, Sarah’s Flowers has your favourite flower in stock and available for delivery today.

Organising same day flower delivery to Fyshwick is as easy as you like. Do it online or via our mobile site from anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night. If you’re in France, Finland, or Fiji, you can still send a sumptuous Mother’s Day present to your mum in Fyshwick in moments. Not only do we give you top value for money by sourcing fresh flowers that will last for ages, we only have one low rate for delivery. Whether you order up to a year in advance or as late as 2pm (10am on Saturday) you won’t pay more than $15.95 for delivery to any address in the wider Fyshwick area, including homes, businesses and hospitals. What are you waiting for? Let Sarah’s Flowers take care of all your floral needs today.

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